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Wrinkle Removal

There's endless supposed miracle cures out there for wrinkles, but skin care specialists tend to suggest the same proven treatments time and again.

Age Spot Removal

Getting rid of age spots (aka liver spots or sun spots) is easier than it's ever been before, thanks to new developments in professional skin care treatments.

Skin Tightening

In recent years, skin tightening treatments have come a long way, utilizing the latest technology to help improve skin firmness and elasticity.

Anti-Aging Treatments

Dermal Injectables

Dermal injectables enable skin care specialists to precisely target specific wrinkles and other skin imperfections, creating a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Laser/Heat Treatments

Laser and heat based anti-aging treatments use non-invasive methods to safely increase collagen production, making the skin firmer and smoother in the process.


Among the most effective and affordable types of anti-aging treatment are chemical peels and microdermabrasions, which remove old damaged skin and rejuvenate the healthy skin underneath.

Articles of Interest

Best Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face Shape

There is no universal rule to good eyebrow shaping. Instead, the shape of your face should generally influence which approach to take.

Pros and Cons of the Chemical Peel: a Personal Testimonial

Our own Marisa discusses her experiences with chemical peel treatments and how they've worked for her.

Probiotics: Good for Your Digestion AND Complexion!

Leading the study “Effects of Ingesting Milk Fermented by Lactococcus lactis H61 on Skin Health in Young Women,” Hiromi Kimoto-Nira, PhD., and colleagues, proved that this particular probiotic strain helped in hydration and melanin content in youthful women who were given the dairy product over a four-week period.

Double Chin Fixing Drug Has Drastic Side Effects: Worth It?

A Botox-like treatment to disintegrate double chins now exists, according to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The new drug named Kybella is similar to the body’s naturally producing deoxycholic acid that assists in absorbing fats.

Eight Skincare Secrets You Must Know!

When it comes to skin maintenance, we may not know exactly how to achieve beautiful radiant skin, but not to fear. Board-certified dermatologist and world-renowned healthy aging expert Dr. Nicholas Perricone has all the answers you need to nurture your skin.

Swap Summer Skin Care for a Healthy Fall Routine

Summer may have come and gone, but it’s just as important to take care of your skin in the fall. These skin care tips will help you maintain a beautiful complexion in the brisk autumn weather.

Try Yoga for Naturally Glowing Skin

If you want naturally radiant skin, forget pricy skin products. Yoga is the answer

Common Concerns to Consider for Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery

Even though plastic surgery is fairly common in today’s society, some patients can still experience a conflict over certain difficulties when addressing plastic surgery. In a recent article in The Palm Beach Post, Brian Hass, a notable plastic surgeon, elaborated on some of these barriers

Houston Clinic Announces New Compression Garment to Wear Post-Liposuction

Liposuction has been around since the 1970s and patients have used post-surgery compression garments before, but scientific studies have only recently documented the benefits of compression garments to patients after liposuction

Chinese Students Undergoing More and More Cosmetic Surgeries for Employment?

A new trend among young Chinese students appears to be plastic surgery

Is Your Plastic Surgeon Giving You All the Information You Need?

Choosing to have cosmetic surgery is a big decision that should come after a lot of research and forethought. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Fashion Designer Rebecca Taylor Talks Plastic Surgery

New Zealand-born fashion designer Rebecca Taylor is continuing to make a splash in the fashion world but with all her candid comments, somebody is bound to get wet.

New Health Innovations Offer Hope for the Future of Beauty

Harper's Bazaar recently looked into new health innovations that could turn back the clock on aging bodies and offer hope for the future of beauty

Woman Spends $15,000 in Plastic Surgery for Better Selfies

The considerable increase of ‘selfies’ is having a significant impact on the facial plastic surgery industry according to a new study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS).

Eight Skincare Tips for Twenty-Somethings

Just like our bodies, our skin isn't invincible, so it’s important to start caring for your skin as early as possible.

20 Skincare Mistakes that will Probably Damage Your Skin

Here's 20 common bad skincare habits most of us are guilty of

Binky Felstead shares her love of French Skincare and Cosmetics

Binky Felstead recently shared her favorite French cosmetic products with

Aftercare Facilities: What You Need to Know

Despite the surge of plastic surgery, especially around Hollywood, the aftercare industry has actually dwindled

How Far Would You Go for a Cosmetic Procedure?

Would you be willing to travel to another country just to obtain less-expensive plastic or cosmetic surgery?

Sorry, HuffPo Here Are 4 Good Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery

The Huffington Post recently posted an article entitled “4 Good Reasons To Never Get Plastic Surgery”. Here is a reprinting of the four cited reasons, as reported by The Huffington Post, followed by our own rebuttal

New Book Addresses South Korea's Plastic Obsession

Korean journalist Euny Hong has come out with a new book called The Birth of Korean Cool, which partly documents the country’s fascination with plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Is Kim Kardashian Planning Secret $100k Plastic Makeover?

Kim Kardashian seems to want to keep her past behind her. Unfortunately her behind is behind her too, and has been the source of plastic surgery rumors for years.

'Never Say Never': Valerie Bertinelli Talks Plastic Surgery and Self-Acceptance

The media personality recently made a public appearance at the Central California Women’s Conference on September 16, where she openly discussed women’s empowerment, plastic surgery, and weight loss in front of an adoring sold-out audience.

'Cinderella' Surgery Options for Your Feet!

A new plastic surgery called “Cinderella Surgery” is becoming a nation wide trend among women in the U.S but the procedure is hardly a fairy tale. The so-called “Cinderella Surgery” promise women that the size of their feet can be adjusted to fit in their designer shoes.

Cosmetic Surgery for Couples

What better way to show how much you love someone but to get some cosmetic surgery together. As stranger as it may seem to some - the latest trend in in South Beach cosmetic surgery is not a new form of Botox or laser hair removal, but rather group cosmetic surgery.

The Truth About Varicose Vein Treatments

As more research is conducted, we are constantly learning new information about the causes and treatment of diseases and medical conditions. Unfortunately, not every “breakthrough” we hear about is authentic

New Technologies Changing Plastic Surgery

A staggering one in five women in Seoul (the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea) has had some type of cosmetic surgery procedure, according to a recent survey.

New Reality Show Fixes Failed Plastic Surgeries

Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow attempt to reverse failed plastic surgeries in the new television series.

5 Abrupt Reasons for Hair Loss

Penny James, celebrity hair stylist of Penny James Salon and the only certified trichologist IAT in New York City, explains five of the lesser known causes of hair loss

What is a Lipo-Litmus-Test? Tips for Self Evaluation

Dallas-based plastic surgeon and professor of plastic surgery Dr. Rod J. Rohrich recently described simple self-tests used to determine if liposuction is an appropriate procedure in his book 'Navigate Your Beauty.'

10 Reasons You May Be Losing Your Hair!

Men are generally more likely to lose their hair than women due to male pattern baldness. However, hair loss and thinning hair are also common in women.

Not a “Cookie-Cutter” Surgeon: Interview with Dr. Jill Murphy

The Argus Leader recently issued a Q&A report with Dr. Jill Murphy, a plastic surgeon who recently started practicing at Plastic Surgery Associates. We liked her answers so much, that we decided to reprint some of her responses

What Does Anti-Aging Mean?

New Image Specialists is focused on finding the right anti-aging treatment for you. So, what do we mean exactly when we say "anti-aging treatment"?

Advantages of SmartLipo: 21st Century Liposuction

Less invasive with comparable results, SmartLipo and similar fat reduction procedures are proving worthy alternatives to traditional liposuction surgery.

After the Weight Loss: Getting Rid of Excess Skin

After losing a large amount of weight, the next task is contouring and tightening the skin that's left behind.

A Review of BB Cream, aka Blemish Balm

New Image Specialists reviews one of the hot European skin care products of the moment, BB Cream.

Best Eyebrow Shaping Methods

Eyebrows can play a huge role in facial aesthetics, so it's wise to consider the variety of different eyebrow shaping methods available at home and professionally.

Botox as a Depression Treatment?

Recent research indicates that focused Botox injections might be able to reduce anxiety in some patients.

Cellulite Be-Gone! Venus Freeze Tones and Trims

Powerful radio frequencies and magnetic energy smooth over cellulite on the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Cellulite Product Review: Bliss Fatgirlslim

One of the more popular store bought cellulite creams, Bliss Fatgirlslim, goes under the microscope as we compare it to professional clinical options.

CO2RE Fractional CO2 Resurfacing System

New Image Specialists looks at the latest advance in fractional resurfacing skin care, featuring the CO2 laser.

Controversial 'Skin-Needling' Procedure Gaining Popularity

Relax as 1,800 tiny needles prick your face—the new treatment does wonders for acne scarring and other texture issues!

Dermal Remodeling: Latest in Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Utilizing the Nd Yang laser, dermal remodeling is a new laser skin solution that may soon become a household name.

Do Cellulite Massagers Really Work?

With millions of women affected by cellulite, New Image Specialists examines whether low cost massaging products really stack up against professional treatments.

8 Different Types of Spas to Soothe Your Senses

Ayurvedic, mobile, mineral springs, oh my! This guide to basic spa types will help you pick the one that's best for you.

81 Year-Old Supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice Defends Plastic Surgery

The octogenarian beauty explains why plastic surgery was a logical decision.

elure Advanced Skin Lightening Technology: Review

Powered by the enzyme Melanozyme, elure has crafted a new alternative treatment for uneven skin pigmentation.

Ergonique Refit: A Solution for Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

New Image Specialists reviews one of the newest radio-frequency based treatments for skin tightening.

Epidermal Leveling: Skin Rejuvenation to the Max

By removing superficial levels of the skin, this treatment can create remarkable results by eliminating damaged skin, vellus hair, and more.

‘Facebook Facelifts’ Newest Cosmetic Craze

According to some cosmetic surgery patients, their appearance on social media is as big of a motivating factor as their public appearance.

5 Anti-Aging Myths Debunked

Don't waste your time on moisturizers, bras, or over-the-counter microdermabrasion-- they won't help you look any younger.

5 Cosmetic Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

From softer hair to sunburn cures, the uses for Apple Cider Vinegar are seemingly limitless.

4 Hottest Anti-Aging Trends for Men

Advanced skin care treatments aren't just for the metrosexual set anymore.

Government Investigates Skin Lightening Creams for Mercury Content

Several products used by hyperpigmentation patients may contain potentially dangerous amounts of the toxic element.

Hair Care for Every Season

Monica Prata offers her guide for maintaining gorgeous hair all year round.

Holy Cowell! New Biography Reveals Simon Cowell’s Age-Defying Secrets

New book Sweet Revenge says the music mogul spends a good portion of his millions on pampering himself.

i-Lipo vs. Zerona: Laser Liposuction Face-Off

Both competitors use low-level laser energy to melt fat, but which is better?

Kim Kardashian Sued by Makers of No!No! Hair Removal

The reality star is under attack again as her promotion of TRIA home laser hair removal is decried as false advertising by a rival product.

Latisse vs Elastilash: Which One is Right For You?

Latisse is the go-to treatment for people looking for longer lashes, but Obagi's new Elastilash gives consumers a more accessible and affordable option.

Liposonix: A Review of the Latest Non-Surgical Fat Removal Innovation

New Image Specialists investigates Liposonix, one of the newest non-invasive procedures gaining favor with fat reduction patients.

Microdermabrasion or Macrodermabrasion?

When it comes to quick, effective, affordable anti-aging treatments, microdermabrasion and macrodermabrasion are near the top of the list.

Microdermabrasion vs Chemical Peels

For affordable, non-invasive skin rejuvenation, how does a microdermabrasion compare to a traditional chemical peel?

New Procedure Swaps Eye Bags for Youthful Cheeks

In England, plastic surgeons are buzzing about a surgery that uses undereye fat deposits to add volume to cheeks.

Restylane FDA Approved for Lip Enhancement

The Food and Drug Administration has recently made Restylane the first dermal injectable approved for lip augmentation procedures.

A Review of iLipo: New Fat Removal Procedure

The next craze in non-surgical fat reduction treatments uses your own cells to help combat difficult fat deposits in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

Review: Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm

New Image Specialists takes a look at a new facial cleanser that's generating a lot of buzz of late.

Review of Bare Minerals Foundation: Is it Worth the Hype?

You've likely seen the TV commercials or heard about it from friends, but does the leader in mineral makeup really do what it claims?

Review: PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser for Home Use

A laser skin rejuvenation treatment for home use? Palomar has introduced just such a system, but can it really match a professional procedure?

Silk’n FaceFX: Anti-Aging at Home

The latest product from Silk'n brings fractional technology to the convenience of your home.

Skin Care for the Holidays: Great Cosmetic Gift Ideas

Some considerations to make before running out for those stocking stuffers this holiday season.

Tanning Out, Pale Skin In?

Bronze skin has long been an aesthetic ideal, but recent trends show that a more natural, pale look is back en vogue.

3 Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Skin at All Ages

Simple and direct, sometimes having the skin you want depends as much on the overlooked basics as the complex solutions.

The Today Show Tries Cellulaze for Cellulite Removal

Hoda and Kathie Lee discussed the benefits of this popular new cellulite treatment on a recent episode of the hit NBC morning show.

The Top 5 Hair Removal Scams

There are hundreds of cheap, ineffective hair removal products out there, but these prominent at-home options consistently rake in the most money while delivering questionable results at best.

Top 5 Pore Minimizing Skin Care Products

Large pores are a common aesthetic concerns for millions of women and men alike. So which of the countless pore minimizers on the market really do the job?

10 Best Celebrity Complexions

Sometimes it's trick photography, good lighting, or air brushing, but with these celebrities, great skin is just par for the course.

Top 10 Cosmetic Apps for Your Smart Phone

Whether you're looking for education or entertainment, the cosmetic surgery industry has jumped into the app phenomenon like everyone else.

Top 10 Cosmetics Stocking Stuffers for 2012

Here are some of the at-home skin care products that would make ideal gifts this holiday season.

Types of Facelifts: Which Could be Right for Me?

From minimally invasive procedures to more intense plastic surgery, a facelift can be achieved in more ways than one might think.

Vattooing and Vajazzling: Body Art Gets Ultra Intimate

Private parts might be private, but for an increasing number of women, genital area tattoos and decorative jewels are becoming quite the trend.

What is Retinol?: 5 Uses for Anti-Aging's Secret Ingredient

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that can help fight signs of aging—if you know which formula to use.

The Wrinkle-Weight Loss Connection

After the great success of major weight loss, people are often faced with the new challenge of loose, wrinkled skin. Fortunately, there are treatments to remedy this scenario.

Zeltiq CoolSculpting: How Does it Work?

This non-invasive body shaping procedure is gaining a lot of attention these days, but does it really deliver results?

Zerona Body Contouring: How Does It Work?

This non-invasive fat reduction treatment seems too simple to believe, so how does Zerona actually work its magic?