Another dermal injectable that is an effective anti-aging treatment is Radiesse™ (also known as Radiance). A dermal filler that removes wrinkles, facial lines, and is a popular means of lip augmentation, Radiesse™ differs from other dermal injectables in that it has some of the longest-lasting results. Promising up to two years of full lips or wrinkle-free skin, Radiesse™ is an amazing anti-aging skin care discovery that allows patients to enjoy near-permanent facial rejuvenation and lip augmentation. Discovered to have some health benefits too, Radiesse/Radiance is FDA-approved to treat oral and maxillofacial defects, facial lipoatrophy, and deficient vocal cords.

How Does Radiesse™ Work?

The cosmetic filler used in Radiesse™ injections is comprised of microspheres of calcium hydroxylapatite, a naturally occurring substance, in a biodegradable gel. When Radiesse/Radiance is injected into facial wrinkles or thin lips, the dermal filler immediately eliminates wrinkles and softens the appearance of skin. Over time, Radiesse's microspheres actually work to stimulate tissue growth and collagen production, causing results that reportedly last even longer than two years for some patients.

Am I a Candidate for Radiesse™?

Radiesse™ is a successful wrinkle treatment and lip filler for anyone wanting the anti-aging effects of a dermal filler, with longer-lasting results. Patients wanting to get rid of crow's feet, brow lines, or laugh lines, or who want long-term lip augmentation, can all benefit from Radiesse. Some patients choose Radiesse™ as an alternative to facial implants, or to treat maxillofacial or vocal deficiencies. Radiesse/Radiance injections' effectiveness, while occasionally compared to the results of ArteFill® injections, is comparatively lower-risk because its naturally occurring materials are non-allergenic.

Radiesse™ FAQ

How Much Does Radiesse™ Cost?

Average Cost Per Treatment: $680 (1 syringe)

Total Cost of Treatment Package: $600-1000 (follow-ups optional)

*Cost of Radiesse™ injections may vary based on treatment area, length of treatment, amount being administered, and the geographical region where your treatment is performed.

Is Radiesse™ an InPatient or an OutPatient Procedure?


How Long Does a Radiesse™ Treatment Take?

Radiesse™ injections shouldn't take longer than 15-30 minutes.

Are Radiesse™ Treatments Painful?

As with all dermal fillers and injectables, treatments are not painful for the majority of patients. However, due to the higher intensity of this cosmetic filler, soreness at the injection site, as well as temporary headaches are commonly experienced after Radiesse™ injections.

What is the Recovery Time for Radiesse™ Injections?

Radiesse/Radiance patients should expect facial soreness on the day of treatment, and consequently may want to rest afterwards. By the next day, patients are usually feeling well enough to resume normal activities.

Are There any Side Effects of Radiesse™ Injections?

Side effects of Radiesse, if any occur, are minor. Some patients report redness, swelling, light bruising, or minor headaches that typically disappear within 3-7 days.

How Long do Radiesse™ Results Last?

Radiesse™ results are shown to last an average of two years, and as much as five years for some patients.

Will Insurance Cover Radiesse™ Treatments?

As is the case with most cosmetic procedures, insurance providers normally don't cover Radiesse/Radiance treatments.

For patients interested in Radiesse's benefits for treating vocal cord deficiency or maxillofacial defects, consult your insurance company to see if injections will be covered.

Can I Combine any Treatments With Radiesse™?

Many Radiesse/Radiance patients prefer to combine their treatments with other skin rejuvenation procedures such as IPL Photofacial or Thermage for even more enhanced results. Discuss possible treatment combinations with your cosmetic provider to determine the best package for you.

Is Radiesse/Radiance Known by any Other Terms?

Dermal injectable, dermal filler, filler, lip filler, lip augmentation, wrinkle filler, wrinkle removal, cheek enhancement, and facial rejuvenation.

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