HCG Weight Loss Treatment

The HCG Weight Loss Treatment is a new non-surgical form of medical weight loss. It uses the hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrpin), which is found in the urine of pregnant women. Once purified, HCG can help people lose 1-2 pounds a day. While some people have used HCG to lose over 100 pounds, other people have found success using HCG to cut inches from their trouble spots, like the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. HCG is unique because it burns fat without depleting existing vitamins or nutrients in the body.

HCG Weight Loss Treatment is often used in combination with a low-calorie diet for maximum benefits. The hormone helps stifle the appetite, so most people don’t have a problem with the restrictive diet.

How does HCG Weight Loss Treatment work?

HCG works by triggering a chemical in the brain that releases fat from storage. When taken in very small doses and coupled with a low calorie diet, it is one of the few ways to lose weight very quickly and safely. The HCG Diet has helped people lose 20-30 pounds in just a month.

HCG can be administered in two different ways. HCG injections are given through a needle, under the skin or muscle. The shot of HCG can be given by either a health professional at a clinic or to oneself. No conclusive studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of HCG injections versus HCG drops, which are taken orally.

Am I a candidate for HCG Weight Loss Treatment?

Candidates for the HCG Weight Loss Treatment should be in good general health. They should also have a solid food and exercise plan in place, which is the key to weight maintenance after going off of HCG.

How much does HCG Weight Loss Treatment cost?

The price of HCH Weight Loss Treatment can vary from low-quality products for $10 to more expensive monthly supply for $60.

How long does HCG Weight Loss Treatment take?

A single HCG session will take about 40 minutes. During that time, you can relax: read, listen to music, or just close your eyes.

How long does HCG Weight Loss Treatment last?

HCG Weight Loss Treatment results are long-term. As with all forms of weight loss, the results can be extended by a healthy diet and lifestyle.

What is the recovery time for HCG Weight Loss Treatment?

There is absolutely no recovery time after a HCG Weight Loss Treatment. HCG drops are painless and take seconds to administer. With HCG injections, there may be some pain and redness at the injection shot, but it should subside within a couple of hours and not interfere with a normal schedule.

Are there any side effects to HCG Weight Loss Treatment?

Side effects to HCG Weight Loss Treatment include headaches and constipation, which is related to the change in diet. More serious risks include premature onset of puberty in boys and ovarian cysts in women.

Is HCG Weight Loss Treatment painful?

HCG drops are pain-free, like taking liquid vitamins. HCG injections may cause mild pain, similar to that of other shots.

Will insurance cover HCG Weight Loss Treatment?

Most insurance companies will not cover HCG Weight Loss Treatment as it’s considered elective. However, some insurance companies may cover it as part of a larger medical weight loss plan.

What other plastic surgery treatments can be combined with HCG Weight Loss Treatment?

HCG Weight Loss Treatment can be used in combination with Liposuction, Vaser LipoSelection, and Zerona.

What are some other terms for HCG Weight Loss Treatment?

HCG Weight Loss Treatment is also known as the HCG Diet, HCG, 1 Shot-a-Day Diet, HCG injections, and HCG drops.

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