IPL PhotoFacial

IPL Photofacial (or fotofacial) is one of the most popular types of anti-aging, facial rejuvenation treatments offered at laser clinics and medical spas today. Harnessing state-of-the-art intense pulsed light (IPL) technology, Photofacial treatments are superb at reducing the appearance of age spots, fine lines, rosacea, large pores, and much more. Better still, IPL Photofacial is a non-surgical photorejuvenation procedure, meaning the treatment is quick and efficient, and the costs are far friendlier than a facelift operation.

How Does IPL Photofacial Work?

Photorejuvenation is quite simple in principle. Intense pulsed light treatment use infrared energy to heat deep dermal tissue, stimulating the development of new collagen. In turn, this collagen help improve skin elasticity, leaving your face looking smooth, clear, and youthful.

Am I a Candidate for IPL Photofacial?

Non-invasive and FDA approved, IPL Photofacial is safe for most patients. However, because it is a light energy treatment, certain skin pigmentations may respond better to photorejuvenation than others. In some cases, individuals with tanned or darker skin may experience mild, unwanted changes in skin pigmentation after a treatment. This is why it’s imperative to meet with a Photofacial specialists or esthetician before determining if you’re skin would be a good match for a Photofacial session.

IPL Photofacial FAQ

How Much Does IPL Photofacial Cost?*

Average Cost per Treatment: $477

Total Cost for Full Package: $450-$1,200

*The cost of IPL Photofacial may vary based on treatment area, length of treatment, amount being administered, and the geographical region where your treatment is performed.

How Long is an IPL Photofacial Treatment Session?

Depending on the area being treated, a session may last anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. 5-8 separate treatments are generally suggested for the best results. These should be spread out over several week intervals.

Does IPL Photofacial Hurt?

The sensation of the IPL treatment is generally compared to the brief slap of a rubber band flick. Basic pain relievers are usually enough to quell this pain.

What is the Recovery Time for IPL Photofacial?

No recovery period is needed.

Are There any Side Effects of Photofacial Treatments?

Usually nothing more than mild, temporary redness. People with darker skin at more at risk for pigmentation changes.

How Long Do IPL Photofacial Results Last?

Patients who complete their Photofacial treatments may enjoy results lasting two years or more.

Does Insurance Cover IPL Photofacial Injections?

In most cases, it does not.

What Other Cosmetic Treatments can be Combined With IPL Photofacial?

Titan for Skin Tightening, Microdermabrasion

What are Some Other Terms for IPL Photofacial?

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