Collagen Injections

Collagen injections were the first FDA-approved commercial dermal fillers to hit the market, and, as most of us know, collagen is one of the biggest key ingredients to a youthful complexion. Currently, collagen injectables utilize human or bovine collagen in their treatments; Zyderm® and Zyplast® are dermal fillers that use bovine collagen, whereas CosmoPlast™ and CosmoDerm™ use human collagen. No matter what collagen filler patients prefer, they are all popular for their results in facial rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, and lip augmentation. Collagen can produce long-lasting, anti-aging results by helping patients achieve full, supple lips and smooth, soft skin.

How Does Collagen Work?

There are about 27 varieties of naturally occurring collagen found in bones, skin, tendons, and cartilage, but it's the collagen found in skin tissue that is responsible for our skin's health and elasticity. As we age, our skin's natural collagen levels break down, and our skin's ability to produce new collagen deteriorates. Fortunately, by harnessing collagen proteins in an injectable form, these dermal fillers can stimulate declining collagen production and replenish our skin's existing collagen and elastins. Collagen is injected into treated areas to immediately fill in wrinkles and fine lines, and to increase the volume and condition of patients' lips.

Am I a Candidate for Collagen Injections?

Collagen injections are a good choice for anyone wanting to get rid of premature wrinkles and fine lines, or for those wanting fuller, softer lips. While collagen can be beneficial for elderly patients, it may not produce the same effective results for extreme scarring, wrinkling, or sagging skin.

For some anti-aging patients, bovine collagen injectables are not an option due to the possibility of an allergic reaction, or in the instance of certain skin disorders. Make sure your skin care provider performs a sample allergy test and thoroughly reviews your medical history before you receive facial injections.

Collagen Injection FAQ

How Much Does Collagen Cost?*

Average Cost Per Treatment (Bovine): $467 (1 syringe)

Average Cost Per Treatment (Human): $508 (1 syringe)

Total Cost of Treatment Package: $300-600 (follow-ups optional)

*Costs of collagen injections may vary based on treatment area, length of treatment, amount administered, geographical region where your treatment is performed, and the type of collagen filler used.

Are Collagen Injections an InPatient or an OutPatient Procedure?


How Long Does a Collagen Treatment Take?

Collagen treatments typically require about 15-30 minutes to perform, depending on the amount being administered.

Is There any Pain or Discomfort With Collagen Treatments?

While the majority of patients report very minor pain or discomfort, if any, some say there's a slight sting or pricking sensation at the injection site that they soon grow accustomed to.

Is There a Recovery Time Involved With Collagen?

No, patients can resume daily activities immediately after treatment.

Are There any Side Effects of Collagen Injections?

Temporary side effects of collagen injections can include minor symptoms such as redness, swelling, bruising, itching, or a headache following treatment. The headaches can be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers, and makeup will easily cover up any temporary redness or bruising. No symptoms should last longer than 3-7 days.

Patients receiving bovine collagen injections should discuss any allergies or specific skin conditions with their doctor before proceeding with treatment to avoid a possible reaction. Make sure your doctor does a preliminary collagen test on your skin as well before receiving collagen injections in the facial tissues.

How Long do Collagen Results Last?

Collagen injections, while not permanent, can produce fuller lips and younger-looking skin for about 3-6 months, or as long as 8 months depending on the patient. Follow-up treatments are usually required to maintain results, but the need for continued treatment lessens with each session, as resurfacing wrinkles will return more and more gradually.

Does Insurance Cover Collagen Injections?

Due to the cosmetic nature of the procedure, most healthcare providers will not cover the costs of collagen injections.

Can any Treatments be Combined With Collagen?

Many patients prefer pairing collagen injections with other treatments to enhance their results even further. Popular choices for treatment packages combine collagen with skin rejuvenation procedures like microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

Is Collagen Referred to by any Other Terms?

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