Zerona Body Contouring: How Does It Work?


The Zerona medical laser is a fat-reducing alternative to liposuction that is making waves in the field of cosmetic surgery. This recent advancement in body-contouring was granted market clearance in 2010 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Ostensibly, a Zerona treatment offers all of the benefits of liposuction with none of the incisions, anesthesia, surgical complications, medical risks, or recovery time. If you’re considering this method of fat-loss procedure, you may be wondering how the procedure actually works.

The Zerona is a portable handheld device that houses laser-producing technology. During a Zerona treatment, the device is slid manually over the problem area by a medical technician. The laser that the Zerona emits is a low-level output energy which penetrates the skin and targets the tissue directly underneath, called subcutaneous fat. The body’s visceral fat—the type of fat that surrounds the organs—remains untouched. (That’s why many doctors prescribe Zerona patients who exhibit excess visceral fat an additional exercise and nutritional program.)

When the Zerona laser reaches the subcutaneous fat cells, it penetrates the fat cell’s outer wall and makes it porous. Without any supporting structure, the contents of the cell spill out to the area between the surrounding cells. The fat cell has essentially been liquefied. Afterwards, the body naturally breaks down and disposes of the laser-liquefied fat waste via the lymphatic and digestive systems, thus supplying patients with a truly non-invasive procedure with no inconvenient side effects or recovery time. Plus, since low-level laser is cold, there is no risk of patient injury.

Zerona may require multiple treatments to be done no more than 48 hours apart from one another.

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