The Wrinkle-Weight Loss Connection


When we set out to improve our bodies with diet and exercise, and happily watch the pounds melt away, the last thing we want to find is sagging skin and wrinkles. Unfortunately, significant weight loss can cause our skin to respond in undesirable ways and we might find that our skin is more prone to wrinkles, particularly in the face. While some of us can lose significant amounts of fat without noticing drastic changes in our skin, it is rather common for those who lose large amounts of weight to notice heightened wrinkles.

If you have shed significant pounds, consider the stretching your skin did to cover the weight that you once carried around. Such stretching can cause the elastin in your skin to break down, making it more difficult for the skin to “bounce back” after losing weight. In addition, skin loses elasticity when we age, so overstretching the skin can sometimes accelerate the skin’s normal aging process. Of course, fat cells help to contour the shape of the face and the rest of the body, so when we trim it down, the skin loses some of its support and starts sagging and wrinkling. Yo-yo dieters can sometimes be more prone to wrinkles as well, because of the frequent re-stretching of the skin.

While some swear by hydration and diet as keys to healthy skin while shedding significant amounts of weight, some find these tips to be ineffective. Luckily, if you do experience heightened wrinkles after losing weight, there are many options available to regain the your skin's youthful appearance. There is a wide array of surgical and non-surgical procedures available to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Some of these procedures include Botox ®, collagen injections, laser skin rejuvenation, and a variety of skin tightening treatments. In addition, if you are plagued with sagging skin after significant weight loss, many surgeries, including minimally invasive procedures, are available as well.

If you are looking for ways to tighten up your skin to match the beautiful body you’ve worked so hard for, consider scheduling an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area. He or she can pinpoint the best solutions for your problem areas, and help you accentuate your leaner body with beautiful skin.

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