Vattooing and Vajazzling: Body Art Gets Ultra Intimate


Fashionistas of the late 70s and 80s probably remember that cheesy, infinitely entertaining DIY gadget, the Bedazzler, which could affix all types of plastic sparklies to your clothing. While rhinestone rainbows on your jean jacket doesn’t quite say hip anymore, a newer trend—Vajazzling—has some women and celebrities bedazzling more intimate areas.

And for women who favor graphic design over sparkles, Vattooing is another intimate body art trend that adds temporary flair "down there". But how are Vajazzles and Vattoos applied? How long do they last? Are there any risks involved? Keep reading for more details!

What is Vajazzling?

Vajazzling was first introduced to many by Jennifer Love Hewitt during a 2010 interview on George Lopez’s Tonight Show. Love Hewitt explained to the gape-jawed Lopez that a friend Vajazzled her for a little confidence-booster post breakup. More specifically, Miss Love Hewitt’s friend "Swarovski crystalled [her] precious lady" and Love Hewitt loved how it looked like a "disco ball" down there afterward.

In case Love Hewitt’s Vajazzling description wasn’t clear enough, we’ll get more specific. Essentially, Vajazzling is the practice of applying Swarovski crystals, jewels, or other "sparklies" to a female’s intimate nether regions for a fun bit of decoration and added sex appeal.

Vajazzling was first offered by the Completely Bare spa in New York City, where the treatment is called "completely bare with a flair". After a Completely Bare client has received a bikini or Brazilian wax, they can have Swarovski crystals applied to their bare skin in a design of their choosing.

Popular Vajazzle designs include hearts, starbursts, fireworks and butterflies. Vajazzle crystals are often available in different colors as well, for an even more custom "Vajayjay Vajazzling". Sequins, rhinestones, or other small jewels may work as well.

Getting a Vajazzle

Vajazzling can be performed at a professional spa or cosmetic clinic, but it can also be a DIY endeavor for females on the shy side. A few Vajazzling websites have Vajazzle kits available for online purchase, as well as full instructions for at-home Vajazzle application. There are no serious known risks involved with Vajazzling.

First, the skin above and/or around the genital area should be clean, dry and hair-free. Most Vajazzlers apply the crystals after waxing, but Vajazzle fans may also shave first, or Vajazzle following laser hair removal treatments. The Vajazzle crystals can be applied to skin either one by one, or as a whole design if the Vajazzle crystals came pre-assembled on a clear adhesive sheet.

If the Vajazzle crystals are being applied one by one, a tiny drop of lash glue, liquid latex or spirit gum should be placed on the skin preceding the crystal. Lash glue won’t prove as strong an adhesive as liquid latex or spirit gum, but it’s usually cheaper. Tweezers are recommended to pick up individual crystals and press them onto the drop of glue before it dries. Sit for several minutes after Vajazzzling to allow the crystals to set.

Vajazzling designs are temporary and should only last for 1-3 days. Wearing tight-fitting pants or skirts could cause the crystals to become detached sooner than expected. Also, take care not to scrub the Vajazzled area in the shower, vigorously apply lotion to the Vajazzle, or otherwise create unnecessary friction in the area that could detach the Vajazzle crystals.

If skin in the Vajazzle region is irritated or injured, hold off on Vajazzling until the skin is healthy again. Vajazzles will come off on their own, usually after a day or two. If you want to remove the Vajazzle more quickly, a little baby oil applied to the design should do the trick.

What is Vattooing?

For those who desire a slightly more permanent way to decorate their "ladybits," another new fad called Vattooing is being performed by the same folks (Completely Bare) who brought us Vajazzling.

Very similar to Vajazzling, Vattooing creates a temporary tattoo on a woman’s bikini area. Vattooing can be done in a variety of colors and designs like flowers, hearts, suns and initials. Once the Vattoo design is selected, it is airbrushed onto the woman’s skin. Vattoos will come off on their own in roughly five days, or they can be removed earlier with the help of a little baby oil.

Is Intimate Body Art for You?

For some females, vajayjay decoration can seem frivolous or even tacky. For others, Vajazzling and Vattooing provides a fun way to feel sexy, or a great surprise for a romantic partner. The overall cost per Vajazzle or Vattoo is very reasonable, especially if applying the designs yourself.

Ready-to-apply Vajazzle kits can cost anywhere from $10-$25, or slightly more depending on what’s included in the Vajazzle kit. Professional Vajazzling or Vattooing will typically cost more, but that’s often worth it for fool-proof application, more customized design options, and higher quality Vattooing and Vajazzling results.

So if you want to surprise a husband or boyfriend on your next anniversary, or literally glitter from head to toe this New Year’s, Vajazzling and/or Vattooing could be right up your alley. Ask at your local spa or cosmetic clinic if they offer Vajazzling or Vattooing, and top off your future waxing or laser hair removal treatment with a little sex appeal and sparkle!

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