10 Best Celebrity Complexions


By Carrie Aker

When it comes to Hollywood stars on the covers of magazines, they all look great. Their skin is perfect and you’d never find a flaw. The question is always, "Who has that truly perfect complexion and who just had great airbrushing?" Well, here is the answer, the top 10 celebrity complexions:

1. Kate Winslet- Remember her gorgeous porcelain skin in Titanic? Kate has exquisite fair skin that appears to have never suffered a blemish. Her face always looks young, wrinkle free and well moisturized.

2. Jessica Alba- This mom hasn’t let her baby get in the way of her skin regimen. Jessica has healthy young skin that looks firm and fresh. She appears to be a natural beauty that doesn’t need the foundation she endorses.

3. Halle Berry- This gal has flawless skin. At 40+ she still looks young and beautiful. Clearly she has a great skin care routine.

4. Ashton Kutcher- His skin is great and it’s pretty obvious that he takes care of it. He shows no signs of lines or any sun damage. He is still baby faced and looking great.

5. Cate Blanchett- She proves that age is nothing but a number if you take proper care of your skin. By carefully protecting her fair skin from excess sun exposure she’ll be looking young for years to come.

6. Ryan Reynolds- There is talk that he has used botox or fillers to keep his youthful appearance, but even so, he looks great. Whether he’s had a little help or it just comes naturally, his skin is outstanding.

7. Liv Tyler- While she has great genes, she has made the most of them by taking excellent care of what she’s been given. She avoids the sun and follows a strict skin care routine.

8. Nicole Kidman- Nicole has said she got into acting because she couldn’t play on the beach and be in the sun like the other kids. This has served her well in her career and in the appearance of her complexion. She is fair skinned with beautiful tone and minimal fine lines.

9. Taye Diggs- His dark skin looks young and healthy. His pores are small and his skin always appears well moisturized and toned.

10. Beyonce Knowles- She’s in cosmetics commercials for a reason. Beyonce has beautiful smooth, well-toned skin. She has refined pores, minimal if any fine lines and always has a fresh look about her.

Common traits of these celebrities are a good skin care regimen, sun protection, and the always helpful trip to the local cosmetic clinic. Finding a great skin care routine that works for you and exploring treatments like Botox and Microdermabrasion can help you capture a Hollywood look, too. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation with a medspa or laser clinic near you.

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