Top 10 Cosmetic Apps for Your Smart Phone


Looking for a fast and easy way to nab information about the latest cosmetic procedures? The solution may be as close as your phone. Check out New Image Specialists’ list of favorite cosmetic apps for your phone that will help you keep up on what’s hot in the world of cosmetics and cosmetic procedures.

Body Plastika
Want to know what you would look like after a cosmetic procedure. Body Plastika is the app with the answers. This application, designed by professionals in the aesthetic medicine field, shows results of plastic surgery procedures in seconds, with a simply touch of the screen. All you need is a photo of yourself and the tools provided on this app to pinch, pull and tweak to your heart’s content.

Boost Your Beauty
Allure Medical Spa has come out with its own “before and after” app dubbed Boost Your Beauty. This app, which was released last summer, includes similar before and after photos to those you would expect to find on the website of a cosmetic surgeon. In addition, users can utilize their own photos to create virtual surgery and see what their results might look like. It also provides education about the cosmetic surgery process, to give patients an idea about the types of questions to ask when they go in for their initial consultation.

This app includes procedures from board-certified plastic surgeons that allow users to view before and after photos of patients who received tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, face lifts and other cosmetic procedures. By seeing what patients look like before and after surgery, those interested in possible cosmetic procedures can determine whether the results are worth the cost and risks associated with cosmetic surgery. As the name of the app suggests, the photos are all of real patients who went under the knife, allowing users a firsthand glimpse of what the procedure truly entails.

This fun app allows you to see what you would look like with someone else’s facial feature. Check out sexy additions like Angela Jolie’s lips or Scarlett Johansson’s nose. While the app is primarily designed for fun, it can be helpful for individuals who envy a specific feature on someone else and wonder what they would look like with a similar feature. And the truth is that most plastic surgeons do get requests for procedures that will help patients look like famous counterparts, so this app provides a preview of what that new nose or chin might really look like.

When you are considering a cosmetic procedure, cost certainly plays a role in your decision. This app from KP Innovations helps you calculate the price of surgery, whether you are considering chin augmentation or a complete facelift. The app factors in many of the variables common with cosmetic procedures, including the surgeon’s fee, hospital fee and cost of an anesthesiologist. You can even compare prices of popular doctor’s in the area to get a complete look at how much your procedure will cost in the end.

Plastic Surgery
This app is primarily educational in nature, providing flashcards and important facts about various cosmetic procedures. The app is designed for plastic surgeons in training, but can also be quite useful to potential cosmetic surgery patients that want to collect as much information as possible about various procedures before going under the knife.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
This app was designed by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and includes information about the organization as well as a plethora of cosmetic procedures. The primary purpose of the app is to educate potential plastic surgery patients about the various procedures, so they go into their procedure fully prepared. The app provides a glossary of plastic surgery terms as well as a “Find a Surgeon” search to help you locate the best doctor for your needs.

Dr. Meger
This app is one example of how cosmetic doctors are using mobile technology to build their patient base. Like other physicians that have developed their own applications, Dr. Merger has used his technology to provide a wealth of information specific to his practice to current and prospective patients. The app includes information about Dr. Merger’s office and background, as well as the cosmetic procedures he provides.

Check out how liposuction would look on you with this app designed to slim your body contour in all the right places. Liposuction is a time-proven method for removing unwanted pockets of fat from nearly any area of the body, and this app allows you to see what the finished results would look like long before you visit a doctor’s office.

The Plastic Show
This app combines YouTube video with other information from patients who have already experienced the plastic surgery process. Check out patient testimonials and compare before and after photos of real patients to help you decide whether plastic surgery is the right choice for you.

If you are interested in a plastic surgery procedure, contact one of our representatives at New Image Specialists for additional information or to get the name of a cosmetic surgeon in your area.

--Wendy Travis

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