Advantages of SmartLipo: 21st Century Liposuction


SmartLipo has been widely adopted as an alternative to traditional liposuction surgery. SmartLipo removes fat via a laser beam that liquefies fatty deposits, which the body then eliminates. The approach is much less intrusive than traditional liposuction surgery, because the laser beam, rather than the physical instrument, is used to break up the fat. This allows for smaller incisions and less trauma to body tissues.

Those who are looking for a less expensive method than traditional plastic surgery will find that SmartLipo is a great alternative. Traditional liposuction is often more expensive that SmartLipo because the procedure is much more invasive and time consuming. Additionally, traditional liposuction is used to treat areas where large amounts of fat need to be removed, making it more labor intensive.

Those who want or need a rapid recovery time will also appreciate SmartLipo. Most patients require only one to two days to recovery after the procedure. In contrast, the recovery window for traditional liposuction is between one and two weeks.

If you’re looking to remove fat from difficult areas, such as the knees, face, armpits, or forearms, SmartLipo allows you to achieve this. These areas cannot be treated with traditional liposuction. The precision of SmartLipo’s laser beam makes it easier to target and treat these areas.

Additional advantages of SmartLipo are the decreased risk of scarring or complications. SmartLipo’s method is much less invasive than traditional liposuction. Thus, very little body tissue is involved, the incision is small, and there’s little or no scarring involved. With traditional liposuction, the risk of scarring is greater, because the incisions are usually larger. Due to the less invasive process of SmartLipo, risk of infection or bleeding is greatly reduced in comparison to traditional liposuction. Additionally, SmartLipo requires local rather than general anesthesia, which helps cut back on risks of adverse reactions to the anesthesia.

Finally, SmartLipo is a great option for anyone who has small areas of fat to eliminate. In fact, if you have larger areas that need to be treated, you will need to speak to your doctor about traditional liposuction, as SmartLipo is not designed to treat large areas of fat.

If you are interested in slimming down your appearance with the help of cosmetic surgery, you should speak with a local board-certified surgeon about your desired goals and medical history. He or she will consult with you about the best procedure for your body. To learn more about SmartLipo and whether it is the right option for you, contact New Image Specialists today. Our representatives will set up your personal consultation with one of our Plastic Surgery Portal SmartLipo specialists.

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