New Technologies Changing Plastic Surgery

by Gregory S


A staggering one in five women in Seoul (the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea) has had some type of cosmetic surgery procedure, according to a recent survey. With such a in flux of plastic surgery, new technologies have been developed to keep up with the demands of the population. One of the latest trends in South Korea for cosmetic surgery incorporates 3-D printing computer technology.

Under Pressure Under the Knife

For the population of South Korea, the pressure to conform to certain ideals is a major issue. For young people, plastic surgery options avail personal insecurities and improve perceptions of self-worth. As plastic surgery becomes more popular, the acceptance of cosmetic surgery is becoming more common as well. The technology is advancing as well.

3-D Printing Computer Technology.

As technology in the field improves, plastic surgery is steadily becoming safer and increasingly cost-efficient. This new 3D rendering software is the logical progression of the technology to serve the surgeons to provide the optimum service and care to the patients involved. In the Wall Street Journal report, doctors confirm that this “3-D printing technology can help plan safer, more accurate procedures.”

Yun Min-woo, 3-D Printer Technician, describes the ground-breaking process: “You take an image from the CT device. After that the date goes into a 3-D printer and the model is built. It’s kind of similar to building a tower.”

“Doctors say the 3-D printing will change medicine by building more precise prosthetics for people with missing body parts, one day may even print out entire organ replacements.”

Changing Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Forever

In the past, experimental and protracted procedures have been the source of concern and anxiety for the patient. With the use of the new 3-D printing computer technology, plastic surgeons can now print out 3-D models in addition to providing more traditional 2-D photos and diagrams. Additionally, doctors can now help assuage any worry the patient may have about their surgery or procedure.

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