New Procedure Swaps Eye Bags for Youthful Cheeks

by Marisa Amorasak


By the time many men and women hit their 40s, they’ve probably noticed that their once plump and youthful facial contours have taken a downward stroll. The unfortunate process is largely caused by a loss of skin elasticity and so-called “baby fat,” which tends to disintegrate as people grow older. While good skincare products and overall health may help to slow down visible aging, many people find that the natural route doesn’t cut it—particularly when it comes to the delicate eye and cheek area. Thanks to recent developments in England, there’s a new option for addressing eye bags and sunken cheeks. Best of all, the new procedure “recycles” the excess fat from the eye bags and makes use of it on the cheeks.

Blepharoplasty For Undereye Bags and Sagging

The typical recommendation for people who suffer from a sunken eye and cheek area is blepharoplastyy, or eyelid surgery. The procedure, named the 4th most popular cosmetic surgery by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), is an umbrella term for multiple techniques used to rejuvenate the eye area, including tissue removal, liposuction, and lifting. Similarly, it addresses a number of complaints: undereye bags, sagging, wrinkling, and more. But Dr. Adil Khan, a renowned plastic surgeon in Yorkshire, revealed that blepharoplasties aren’t an option for everyone. "About one in ten patients who ask about blepharoplasty are found not to be suitable because they have really flat cheeks, so we began looking at whether there was surgery which would work for them." Since flat cheeks and undereye aging often go hand-in-hand, finding a procedure that solved both problems seemed necessary.

Sunken Cheeks? Cheek Augmentation Is a Common Solution

As the aging process progresses, unsightly fat deposits build underneath the eyes. Meanwhile, the subcutaneous fat that covers the cheek area in youth melts away, giving rise to that sunken look associated with age. Aside from caffeinated creams and lots of rest, the general prescription for cheeks with lost volume is cheek lift or augmentation. The surgery often utilizes a small implant or injectable fillers to plump up the area.

Cheek and Eye Rejuvenation At Once

The new procedure, which is yet unnamed, is getting many plastic surgeons excited as it offers a solution to cheek and eye aging in a single procedure. It also doesn’t require any foreign materials, like a dermal filler or implants. Using already-present tissue and fat often looks more natural, and eliminates the possibility of the body rejection. Dr. Khan and other researchers are due to present their findings to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (BAAPS) in September 2012. The procedure is best described as a combination of cheek augmentation and blepharoplasty.

Carol Gilbert, 58, was one of the first patients to try out the new surgery. "In the morning, when I looked in the mirror, I looked about 90," she said. "All my friends and family tried to reassure me that I didn't need surgery, but I when I had this, they were really astonished about the way my whole face looked younger. It took years off."

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