Is Kim Kardashian Planning Secret $100k Plastic Makeover?

by Gregory S


Kim Kardashian seems to want to keep her past behind her. Unfortunately her behind is behind her too, and has been the source of plastic surgery rumors for years. The latest in the unremitting rumor mill is that Mrs. Kanye West is covertly planning a $100k plastic and cosmetic surgery makeover.

According to OK! magazine, Kardashian’s recent social media tweets reveal she will be “going to extremes in hopes of turning back the clock.”

How a magazine, no matter how accredited, could know that is beyond the comprehension of this writer. Nevertheless, the tabloid reports that in addition to dieting and exercise, the media personality plans to “undergo a veritable pupu platter of cosmetic procedures”.

Purportedly, a source has been reached by OK! magazine for a sound bite: “Kim visits her doctor every year for what she calls her ‘maintenance program.’ But this time, she has a crazy-long list of things that she wants to get fixed.”

“[Beyond her] usual array of cellulite treatments, lipo, and Botox,” says the tab’s insider, Kardashian “hopes to get leg contouring, a mini face-lift and a breast lift.”

Despite the myriad of plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments Kardashian may or may not have had over the years, this particular rumor rings false.

GossipCop further elaborated on the scuttlebutt: “Kardashian said on Twitter that she was frustrated about her weight gain and planned to diet and exercise. But because that wasn’t a sensational story, OK! decided to tack on this B.S. about secret plastic surgery. This is the same magazine that falsely said Kardashian was pregnant with her second child last

October. It’s the same tab that falsely claimed Kanye West ‘inspects’ her body for ‘imperfections” every week.’”

Regardless of what will or will not happen, with Kim Kardashian involved, one is confident we will soon be hearing about it.

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