Fashion Designer Rebecca Taylor Talks Plastic Surgery

by Gregory S


New Zealand-born fashion designer Rebecca Taylor is continuing to make a splash in the fashion world but with all her candid comments, somebody is bound to get wet. The fashion-forward designer recently sat down with, Austin's daily digital magazine and self-proclaims news source on the city’s music, film, food, drink, arts, design, life, innovation, outdoors, fitness, etc. In her brutally honest interview, the young designer expressed her views on celebrities and cosmetic surgery.

According to Rebecca Taylor, “What I'm looking for is some role models in fashion, in Hollywood, anywhere, that are growing old gracefully, and I'd like to dress them. It's a real problem, this whole plastic surgery, women having expectations of what we're supposed to look like. We're really messing up a whole generation of kids. And I'm trying to think if I'm brave enough to do it without any help. I'm not sure if I am. But if I had somebody else who was doing it ahead of me, it would be like we've done it and it's okay.” Of course, Ms. Taylor does not think we are only “messing up” the youth generation obsessed their own image either, if anything it spans all the generations.

For Taylor, at least according to her statements with, even those who seem to have gone without plastic surgery are to be viewed with suspicion: “Did you see Gravity? Incredible, but what's the deal? [Sandra Bullock] didn't have any cellulite or a mark on her body. Did they redo her after or was she really like that? I want her doctor. It's tempting. But if she was a little bit chinny, it would be like I could do [without cosmetic surgery].”

Taylor is more about originality than conformity, even at the price of vanity.

“Look at Nicole Kidman on Vanity Fair. Have you seen Renee Zellweger? She just looks like another blonde. They all look alike. I was on the airplane looking at trash magazines, which I love, and there was a picture of — who's that girl with a big bum with Kanye West? Kim Kardashian. They had all these plastic surgery pictures of her, and now she looks like Beyonce and JLo's love child.”

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