Ergonique Refit: A Solution for Loose Skin After Weight Loss?


According to recent statistics, nearly 50% of women and 30% of men in American are dieting to lose weight at any given time. Today’s market is flooded with weight loss equipment, programs, and meals, an industry reported to take in nearly 70 billion dollars each year. But those who do succeed in shrinking their waistlines are often faced with another problem: loose, droopy skin in the areas where fat deposits have melted away.

Skin isn’t just a stretchy membrane that keeps our organs in place; it’s an organ filled with blood vessels, nerves, connective tissue, and fibers that adapt to our shape as we grow. So when weight is lost quickly skin doesn’t just snap back in place like rubber; it needs time to shrink back down to size. While most dermatologists agree that skin will eventually readjust after weight loss, the contraction process can take upwards of two years. Up until the past decade or so, those with extra skin in embarrassing areas could either elect surgical solution, such as a tummy tuck, or wait for nature to take its gradual course; however, a new product from Cosmetic Med Spa & Salon Ergonique hopes to change that with its new “ReFit” treatment plan.

So what’s ReFit’s secret to skin tightening? Creams? Lasers? Infrared light? Surprisingly, none of the above. The unique procedure reportedly utilizes multi-modal radio frequency, or ‘RF’, to activate natural skin shrinking processes. During the treatment body-safe radio waves penetrate the skin’s surface and generate heat in the lower dermal levels. This warmth stimulates cells called “fibroblasts” which controls networks of collagen and elastin, both crucial to skin elasticity.

According to Ergonique’s website, four to six treatments at weekly intervals is all it takes to experience noticeable skin-shrinking results. Treatments sessions take under an hour and patients can relax or read while a technician administers the RF with a wand. ReFit skin therapy is reportedly painless, but most users experience flushed, reddish skin after each session, an effect that dissipates after about an hour. Although the treatment has only been out for a few months, ReFit is already gaining fans:

"I was hoping for some improvement in the appearance of my stomach and arms, but the results are more than I dreamed of!” exclaimed one early ReFit customer, a 33 year-old mother of two. “There's no pain at all....I no longer view myself as overweight, and it's great to see myself in the mirror!"

Eronique boasts that its treatment is the only FDA approved adjustable radio wave device on the market today. That adjustability can help dermatologists target different levels of skin tissue for various effects. Deann Mix, the CEO of Ergonique, claims that beyond tightening skin ReFit can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, diminish cellulite, provide circumferential treatment for legs and arms, and even perform non-surgical neck and face lifts. The company currently offers its treatment through salons in the Newport Beach area but hopes to expand to locations across the country.

A few skin-firming alternatives to the ReFit treatment program include Thermage, Refirme, Titan, and Fraxel laser or light treatments. Want to learn more about affordable skin treatments? Contact us today! Our New Image specialists can schedule you a free, no obligation consultation at a skincare clinic near you!

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