Do Cellulite Massagers Really Work?


Cellulite has a pretty bad rap—it’s often associated with obesity, inactivity, and unattractiveness. Even though cellulite is natural and not necessarily a sign of poor health, people are constantly seeking methods of cellulite reduction and prevention. In-office anti-cellulite procedures like Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve are low-risk and have a high client satisfaction rate, but people tend to turn to simpler and less expensive methods first. A number of at-home tools have become popular in the war against cellulite; namely, cellulite massagers. Read on to learn more about how cellulite massagers work and if they’re worth your time and money.

Cellulite Massagers: How They Work

Cellulite massagers were created under the belief that massage can help decrease the visibility of cellulite. Most experts agree that rigorous and regular massage can indeed break up fat collections and drain lymph nodes. Endermologie is an advanced procedure performed by a skincare professional and is comparable to a deep-tissue massage. Cellulite massagers mimic the function of Endermologie by vibrating, kneading, suctioning, rolling, or pulsating cellulite-ridden areas. Since they are designed to be used at home, cellulite massagers are less powerful and will yield less dramatic results than Endermologie. It’s important to note that massaging fat build-up won’t make it disappear—at the most, it will just break it up so that it doesn’t appear as cellulite. The fat will still exist in that part of your body.

Cellulite Massagers: Cost, Risks, and Efficacy

Cellulite massagers can range in price from as low as $10 to as much as $150. The most affordable cellulite massagers are manual, handheld, non-electronic tools that you massage around areas you wish to be treated. They’re not much different from an ordinary handheld massager, except they may feature more pressure points to “break up” the fat deposits. As you climb up the price range of cellulite massagers you’ll find electronic versions that don’t require as much handwork from you, since they do most of the work. These devices may also incorporate heat to “melt” the fat as it massages.

One of the best aspects of at-home cellulite massagers is that there are virtually no risks or side effects. At most, you’ll experience a deep-tissue massage that you can control yourself. On the other hand, it’s hard to say whether you’ll see improvement with cellulite massagers or not. Severe cellulite or people looking for a dramatic improvement in their cellulite should seek a professional treatment.

Professional Cellulite Treatments

There are a range of professional treatments designed to treat and lessen the visibility of cellulite. Endermologie, as previously discussed, uses a massage function to break up fat deposits and drain lymph nodes. Mesotherapy is the most popular anti-cellulite treatment, and it too breaks down fat and drains lymph nodes. However, mesotherapy uses injections of natural solutions to encourage the breakdown. VelaSmooth is growing in popularity thanks to celebrity exposure. The procedure is similar to Endermologie, but it also incorporates infrared light and radio frequencies to speed up the process.

If you’d to learn more about these anti-cellulite treatments or more, contact our representatives today. We’ll gladly schedule a private consultation with a cellulite expert in your area.

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