Chinese Students Undergoing More and More Cosmetic Surgeries for Employment?

by Gregory S


A new trend among young Chinese students appears to be plastic surgery.

The motivations for these young Chinese students is not entirely vanity. Rather, their goals often make surgery a unique competition: millions of other new graduates frequently go under the knife to improve their chances of employment.

According to a June survey by MyCOS, a Beijing-based education consultancy, around 10 percent of recent university graduates are presently unemployed, representing more than double China's official unemployment rate for the general population.

International Job Markets

If you think America has it bad, think again. Purportedly, Chinese employers can be painfully blunt concerning their favoritism towards attractive job candidates. Some employers have gone as far as listing height requirements in job advertisements and recruitment offices.

According to an expose by, “seven million graduates are entering the job market and is combined with a slow pace of growth, China's state-run media called the year 2013, as the `toughest ever year' for would-be white-collar employees.”

Drastic Measures

In a drastic effort increase (augment?) their potential of becoming employed; plastic surgeons all over the country of China have reported a massive increase in plastic surgery among students. The decision may seem extreme but the competition to obtain employment is serious. quotes one plastic surgeon as saying, “We've been influenced by the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, we don't just add to the nose, but rebuild it”. The plastic surgeon admits that he has been performing dozens of operations each month. In a recent survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, China is confirmed as placing just behind the US and Brazil for the number of plastic surgeries that are performed every year – and the percentages are only going up…

One Chinese student, Xu Yang, age 26, who is on a museum studies course in Beijing, revealed to that she went through liposuction this year partially to assist her find a job.

She recently told AFP, "I was fat, and after surgery, finding a job can be easier. Employers sometimes care more about your appearance than your experience, especially for white-collar jobs."

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