'Cinderella' Surgery Options for Your Feet!

by Gregory S


A new plastic surgery called “Cinderella Surgery” is becoming a nation wide trend among women in the U.S but the procedure is hardly a fairy tale. The so-called “Cinderella Surgery” promise women that the size of their feet can be adjusted to fit in their designer shoes.

Plastic Surgeons performing the Cinderella surgery claim they can lengthen or shorten toes or remove bunions or excess skin for the desired look and shape. Certain doctors are even offering to inject fat or Botox into the soles of the feet. Although the procedure is becoming increasingly popular, the are a growing group of critics as well.

Charlotte Alter, in an editorial magazine, offers her own dissenting and satiric opinion: “It’s like something out of a fairy tale: a New York princess can’t fit into her Louboutuins, so she calls her fairy godmother plastic surgeon and he snips little pieces off her feet until her shoes fit like magic! And then she and her shoes live happily ever after. As much as this might sound like a plot point in some horror-themed installment of Sex and the City, elective foot surgery is actually a thing that more than a few women are choosing to do. You can get your toes shortened or lengthened, your bunions removed, and even get fat injected into the bottoms of your feet so you have a permanent Dr. Scholls made of flesh, according to the New York Times‘s report on the surgery-for-shoes phenomenon.”

Among the more popular procedures are to correct “high heel foot”, where the foot retains the shape of a high heel or “hitchhiker’s toe”, when the big toe juts out. According to Dr. Oliver Zong, who founded NYC Footcare and coined the term “toebesity,” once had a patient ask him to remove her pinky toe (for the record he did not do it).

What contributes to this growing trend in plastic surgery? Around the world, there seems to be growing pressure to conform to certain ideals. The cultural emphasis is to maintain excellence intellectually as well as physically. For young people, plastic surgery options avail personal insecurities and improve perceptions of self-worth.

As technology in the field improves, plastic surgery is steadily becoming safer and increasingly cost-efficient. However, plastic surgery should also remain available for everybody without a person feeling embarrassed or ashamed about receiving consultation and treatment. The choice is up to you but remember that this is your body and it is the only one you got. Contact us to get started today!

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