Best Eyebrow Shaping Methods


Many people don’t realize the effect eyebrows have on their overall appearance. Shaping the eyebrows can open the eyes and enhance the beauty of your face. Both men and women can benefit from a little eyebrow cleanup. If you’re frustrated with your eyebrows, or lack thereof, there are many brow-shaping methods available.

First, you may decide to go with old-fashioned tweezing. The key to tweezing is to have a good pair of tweezers, and an eyebrow pencil in case you over-tweeze. Tweezing gives you maximum control over the shape of your brow, as you can remove one hair at a time. Be prepared for the first couple of tweezing sessions to be a bit painful, until your skin becomes accustomed to it. If you don’t trust your own tweezing ability, make an appointment for brow tweezing at a beauty salon and ask for tips, such as plucking from underneath the brow, and following the natural line of the brow bones. Remember that you can always fill in and do some reshaping with an eyebrow pencil if you make a mistake.

If tweezing seems too time-consuming, and tedious to you, waxing may be a better option. Waxing is a popular brow-shaping method because, just as with waxing legs, the results last longer. There are many at-home brow waxing kits available. Be aware that eyebrows will need to be ¼ of an inch long in order to wax. If you are uncertain about ways to shape your brows, visit a professional cosmetologist for a brow-waxing first, and learn tips and techniques. As with plucking, however, you can always fill in the gaps with brow pencil.

A third option, eyebrow threading, started out in India and has become a popular brow-shaping method in the U.S. The technique uses a double-stranded thread to pick up a line of hair and remove it. It does not irritate the skin the way plucking or waxing sometimes can. While this technique is best performed by a professional, it is possible to learn to do it on your own.

Finally, for women or men whose eyebrows are thinning, or who simply don’t want to deal with eyebrow shaping, micropigmentation may be the option for you. Micropigmentation involves tattooing eyebrows permanently along your brow bones. No more plucking, waxing, threading, or drawing on. It is important to look into the credentials and experience of the professionals performing micropigmentaiton in your area, as licensing requirements vary greatly from state to state. Also, it is important to realize that the color of tattooed eyebrows can fade with age and sun exposure. Be aware that a regular tattoo artist is probably not qualified for this type of procedure.

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