A Review of BB Cream, aka Blemish Balm


The latest cosmetic craze is a so-called miracle product known as BB Cream. Originally hailing from South Korea, BB (blemish balm or blemish base) Cream has recently spread stateside, and now a string of luxury American brands are carrying it. The function of BB Cream is a little confusing: it’s regenerative, it’s a moisturizer, it’s a foundation, and it’s a primer. Read on to learn more about the roots of this all inclusive product and how you can use it to benefit your beauty routine.

The History of BB Cream

BB Cream was developed in Germany for patients who had recently undergone laser skin rejuvenation. While the procedure is totally non-invasive, the regenerative nature of laser skin rejuvenation can leave a person’s skin sensitive, irritated, and not looking its best for a few days. BB Cream offered the skin the cosmetic coverage patients wanted during their recovery, in addition to healing benefits. BB Cream soon made its way over to South Korea in 2007, where popular actresses claimed that they used to product to get the picture-perfect skin idealized by their fans. Within a couple of years, the BB Cream trend had spread toward Southeast Asia, Japan, and Singapore. BB Cream has just recently caught on in the United States. Smashbox, Clinique, and Boscia offer varieties that cater to the Western palate. In addition to feeding the skin nutrients and giving a bit of coverage, these BB creams also contain ingredients to fight wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne.

What Makes BB Cream So Special?

Although BB Cream promises plenty of attractive benefits in a single cream, the idea of including multiple skincare components in a cosmetic product isn’t exactly new. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup has been around for years, and contains acne-fighting ingredients. By definition, tinted moisturizers are part moisturizer. And Bare Escentual’s Rare Minerals line buffs real minerals right into your skin. All of these products, and others similar to them, claim that the ingredients in their cosmetics can replace the need for moisturizer, acne treatment, or whatever benefit they are touting.

But these all inclusive products haven’t been very successful, because they haven’t filled the void for all of the anti-wrinkle treatments, undereye bag de-puffers, and brightening serums on the market. And there’s nothing in BB Cream that makes it better than the other products that claim to do so much. The only difference is that BB Cream claims to take the place of everything, rather than just a couple.

Addressing Cosmetic Concerns With Proven Treatments

If you’re looking to improve your skin, topical cosmetics are a good place to start. But some skin ailments aren’t easily solved by over the counter products. IPL Photofacials can help with premature aging and hyperpigmentation, while other procedures like Botox can help with wrinkles. If you’d like to learn more about these cosmetic treatments and many more, contact our representatives today. We’ll book you a consultation with a plastic surgeon or skincare specialist in your area.

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