What Does Anti-Aging Mean?


The term is self explanatory in some ways. “Anti-aging: the opposite or opposing force to aging.” But in the cosmetic industry, “anti-aging” is more of a genre; a family of treatments, procedures, and products that share the goal of reducing the trademark skin imperfections that time bestows upon us.

In general, anti-aging treatments aren’t going to help you run as fast as you did when you were 16, nor will they sharpen your memory or increase your metabolism. However, successful anti-aging procedures can radically impact both body and mind, helping you look younger, more attractive, and subsequently, feel more confident.

The majority of people who seek out professional anti-aging treatments aren’t looking to drastically change their appearance or start from square one. They simply wish to look a little more like they used to; to reclaim the smoothness and firmness of their facial features, or to eliminate unsightly cellulite on their thighs. Some wish to remove spider veins, and other want to rid themselves of stretch marks. Some want to remove hair, and others want to regrow the hair they’ve lost. Anti-aging truly means something to different to each patient, depending on how age has affected their appearance, and what their aesthetic goals have become.

Of course, if you’ve even been to a drug store or a beauty salon, you know there are literally hundreds of anti-aging products available for any and all types of imperfections, from wrinkles and large pores to cellulite and sagging skin. Some of these products are legitimate, and many are not. In the end, even the very best at-home anti-aging products are only going to deliver minimal, temporary results. It’s simply the nature of the beast. The FDA can’t approve products for home use that could pose too serious of a threat if abused or handled poorly. Meanwhile, many of the most successful treatments created for anti-aging patients involve laser technology, injectable solutions, and chemical peels. This is why seeking out a professional anti-aging specialist can be so critical.

By scheduling a free consultation at a professional medical spa or laser clinic, you can discuss your anti-aging goals with an experienced doctor or esthetician, who can then advise you on your treatment options and most effective prospects. From there, you can decide to undergo a Microdermabrasion or Laser Hair Removal or LipoDissolve cellulite treatment under the care of a licensed professional, ensuring that your procedure will be handled efficiently, safely, and successfully.

New Image Specialists works with over 300 laser clinics and medical spas across the U.S. and Canada, so chances are, we can schedule you a free consultation with an anti-aging expert in your area today. Give us a call or contact us via the form on this page!

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