Aftercare Facilities: What You Need to Know


While nowadays there is more and more readily available information on qualified plastic surgeons and different surgery options to choose from, one aspect of the industry has been sorely neglected -- the aftercare facilities.

Aftercare Hotels

Despite the surge of plastic surgery, especially around Hollywood, the aftercare industry has actually dwindled. Starting in the 70s, aftercare was once so common that every prominent hotel in and near Hollywood had a backdoor to accommodate overnight patients but over the years it has dwindled due to zoning and other problems. Now just a few prominent ones remain. The Serenity in Santa Monica and the Pearl Recovery Retreat are two successful aftercares. The Serenity stands out for the being the only hospital-certified aftercare in the industry while the Pearl is known for its high-end hotel amenities.

These aftercare amenities are conducive to helping plastic surgery patients recover faster with 24-hr care from nurses but due to fierce competition many of them have closed down. A typical night at an aftercare costs less than $1000 which is enough to get an in-home nurse but experts say that going home is not always the most preferable option. For example, many clients have children that they would have to worry about if they were recovering from home. This prevents the patient from focusing on their own health and recuperating quickly. In an aftercare, there are nurses who can be with the patients 24/7 and attend to their every need, helping them get better quickly.

Another reason to go to an aftercare instead of going straight home are potential complications from plastic surgery. Although not common, serious plastic surgery procedures, such as a tummy tuck can result in complications. Hematomas are one such dangerous, complication. A hematoma happens when blood pools around broken blood vessels and need to be discovered and drained quickly or the patient could bleed out. Registered nurses at aftercare facilities can spot problems like this faster than laypersons. One RN at a prominent aftercare recalled the time one of her patients had a hematoma and had 4 quarts of blood in her belly. “Had she gone home, she would have bled to death,” the nurse exclaimed to Hollywood Reporter.

With the decline of aftercare hotels, more and more people opt for in-home nurses. One nurse, Michelle Farrell has even expanded her nursing service by hiring other fellow RNs to accommodate the growing demands. She says that around 25% of her clients are celebrities.

Whether you would like luxury-hotel services and 24-hr service or privacy in your own home, there are many options out there for post-surgery care. If you or anyone you know is interested in plastic surgery and the aftercare involved please contact us today. We will help you find a qualified plastic surgeon in your area that can answer all your questions and help you decide on the right procedure.

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