Cosmetic Surgery for Couples

by Gregory S


What better way to show how much you love someone but to get some cosmetic surgery together. As stranger as it may seem to some - the latest trend in in South Beach cosmetic surgery is not a new form of Botox or laser hair removal, but rather group cosmetic surgery.

Although more extensive operations are still performed days or weeks apart for both general safety and convenience, a growing number of couples have been receiving treatments together during the same appointment.

According to an interview with the Sun Sentinel, Dr. Paul Wigoda, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale, claims he has had couples asking for shared treatments. Says the good doctor, "It's not very painful — less painful than a massage — so they come to be supportive of each other and give each other feedback about how they look," Wigoda said. "And it's not just straight couples, but gay couples, too, especially gay men."

Support is fundamental in the recovery stage of any operation or treatment, especially something as visually altering. Couples getting the treatments together can be a source of mutual support for both individuals involved.

Says one patient, "It's like going on vacation together, only you're not going on vacation, you're recuperating together. It was the best thing, because you're going through the same thing together. It's a good feeling knowing you're taking care of each other at the same time."

Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, and nobody should feel they have to receive treatments. However, cosmetic surgery should also remain available for everybody without a person feeling embarrassed or ashamed about receiving consultation and treatment. Going together with another person can both strengthen and support one’s resolve.

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